About us

We’ll be upfront about this…..we love sneakers, trainers, sports shoes, whatever you want to call them, we can’t get enough of them! Can anything beat the feeling of sliding on a new pair of sneakers, fresh out the box…..no, we don’t think there is!!

That’s why we’ve made Gymshoe.co.uk. We wanted a site where we can find all the latest news, gossip, release dates, price cuts etc. We cover all the big brands, and the small ones just breaking out. We’ll look at the big sports shoes, and also the lesser known ones. In short, if it’s a trainer, we’ll have it here!

If you are looking for a shoe in short supply, we’ll show you where to find it.

If you want to know when the next release of your favourite sneaker is, we know it.

Looking for a shoe for your own sport? We’ve found it for you.

So before you get your new sneakers anywhere online, check out Gymshoe.co.uk, and let us help you find it for you, in stock and at the best price.

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